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"I decided to show up to Pam's Zumba class .  I had such an awesome workout and I also felt such strong spiritual energy!  It charged me up and had me feeling so awesome. I try and make all of Pam's classes and groups.  I highly recommend Pam's classes and groups. I've gotten in such great shape and grown so much spiritually, physically and psychologically , it's unbelievable"
James B. Housing Development Manager

"On the 10th and final day of a hiking trip out West that challenged me to my limits, Pam graciously led me through a series of stretches and meditation time at Glacier National Park. This experience was so calming and yet refreshing and re-energizing that I enjoyed my last day of hiking and kayaking the most. Thank you, Pam!"
Peggy W. Retired IT Professional, Grandmother
"Pam is a truly gifted personal trainer.  She incorporated a variety of techniques specific to my situation which helped me achieve a much better quality of life.   I have an autoimmune disease in addition to having an apple-shaped physique.  Pam worked with me in a systematic but flexible manner, and she encouraged me to push past my own anxieties related to health.  In addition, she provided excellent diet and life style strategies.   As a result, I have lost significant inches, carved out a waist, and gained significant muscle strength.  My husband is super happy with the results.  Most importantly, this has been one of the best things I have done for myself and my overall well-being. I can’t thank Pam enough, she has been a great blessing to me."
Elissa C. Professional Speech Pathologist, Mother of 2